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Pretty Girl in Ward Office (2019)

Genre: 18+, 2019, Adult
Quality: Year: Duration: 60 MinView: 587 views

It is a public servant who looks good in uniform! Strange demands are difficult during work! Makoto is a woman of Aoki City Hall Shoots the figure of Asahi secretly and shows it to Oda. She admires the video and seeks an opportunity to approach them. They call Aoki home with a complaint. Attacks her gaps with a story that provokes compassion. When I was asked to help me with bathing, Aoki can not refuse and goes to the bathroom together. And he deliberately makes her complaints. And let’s use her point of view as a civil servant. Asahi comes to Oda to ask for forgiveness with his boss. Unlike his bossy boss, he is angry at Asahi’s attitude toward being dry. She tries to make her apologetic and harshly touches her. And asking her to do this for a second time. We share a passionate love

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