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Naked Theatrical Company Lurking Desire (2018)

Quality: Year: Duration: 55 MinView: 253 views

The sorcerer leaves behind Tsubasa’s troupe after his first successful performance. Tsubasa, who lost his motivation to the absence of swallowtails, retreats to the extreme. The theater moves with the planning and directing of the deputy director Shoichi, but his operation is not immune. On the other hand, Tsubasa has no use persuading him to return to the Aegai, Based on the idea of ​​bringing her to the comedy Ballet Copelia We complete screenplay, and decide to participate in theater play this time. Although there were many conflicts and difficulties, the theater was able to participate in the theater safely and devote themselves to the practice of Koepelia. Tsubasa visits the house of the swallowtail and plays with the ambassador over the closed front door. On the day of the examination, on the contrary of his lover, The absurdity of the audience in the absence of the main agitator is unending. But when the darkness is lifted and a new curtain opens The swallowtail is placed on the stage with naked Koplia. Members realize that extreme identity is naked and become nudity and devote themselves to acting. Tsubasa also rises to the stage and opens a hot-air balloon with an agitator. The audience is assimilated by the actors’ dignified and indulgent behavior, and the theater is filled with the feast of the excellence. Tsubasa who found the extreme waiting room as usual after a long time. In the members who are dressed up naked Akiha also welcomes Tsubasa with a bright smile.


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