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My Girlfriend (2018)

Quality: Year: Duration: 70 MinView: 993 views

I wonder if … we should try it once? Minsu is eating alone ramen noodles after work, My wife, Hyerim, comes in with her friend Subin. I drink all of the time too late, and Subin asks me to sleep at Minsu ‘s house. Then, the next day, Su – bin, who likes Minsu, tempts Min – su, saying that she has a rat on her leg, and they share her affair. That evening. Minsu works and returns home, and Suvin ‘s boyfriend, Susumu, is there. In the evening and drink, Hyun Su and Su Bin talk sexual, but Min Sue is uncomfortable, Unlike Min-su, my wife, Hye-ril, falls in love stories. After all, their conversation is developing into a swap story …


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