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Nonton film Assassin Maria (2019) terbaru

Assassin Maria (2019)

Duration: 75 MinView: 341 views

Mary who grew up in church after losing her parents The father of Kuros who takes care of himself is regarded as father and is raised as a professional murder contractor. Maria, who is commissioned by the bride and kills a man. In addition, he has been brainwashed by the sexual stigma of Kuros, who pretended to meditate. I feel compassion and love for Hayato who is in a similar position approaching to me, While Kuros moved Maria to deal with the ex-killer who killed Maria’s father, In fact, it is the fact that Father Kurosu killed his parents, Hayato also finds out that he is a killer raised by the bride Mary and the ex-killer work together to kill the two, and the movie ends.

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