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A Boyfriend in Fantasy (2019)

Quality: Year: Duration: 64 MinView: 1,511 views

A politician who does not look at herself is hungry for love because of her husband. Even on her wife’s birthday, her husband came to the meeting with an excuse, The bar owner Tony comforts her left alone. With this opportunity, I feel Tony feelings of love, Compared to her arrogant husband, she is overwhelmed with affection. Tony also loves to love. But the happiness of these men for a while, the relationship between Nao and Tony’s husband Tony is murdered by people to worry about the election which is short. I miss Tony who has lost contact and is suffering from her husband. Tony’s soul drifts away from her, watching her in vain. Please come out and ask the heavens to meet him at the last, Tony appears to have reached her voice and holds her in his arms. Finally, I love Tony, I go back to my normal life again with a sad smile breaking out alone.


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